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Doctor Air PurifierSeveral organs of the United States government that deal with Environmental Protection acknowledged, and several government funded scientific research nationwide confirmed, the air quality in our homes and offices is drastically deteriorating due to new construction technologies. Several United States government organs (EPA) linked several diseases and medical conditions to poor indoor air quality. If you feel the air outside your windows might be polluted consider that inside may be 4 to 10 times worse. Recent researches have shown that air pollution also increase the risk of dying of heart attack. Large scale studies have proven that air pollution is the cause of more cases of cardiovascular diseases than cases of respiratory tracks illnesses in America.

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Neoair Enviro Hepa Air Purifier with OFS Filter Technology
Neoair Enviro Hepa Air Purifier with OFS Filter Technology
IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier
IQAir HealthPro Air Purifier

BlueAir 501 Home Air Purifier


Have you ever heard about (OFS) Organic Fiber sterilization? This is the most advanced patented technology currently available against molds and bacteria. Learn more about OFS

In the hunt for air purifiers? You have come to the right air purifiers place. is proud to tender one of the most comprehensive air purifiers collection available in the internet. We are specialized in room purifiers, home purifiers, HEPA air purifiers, Ionic air purifiers, industrial purifiers and more. All products are tested and reviewed by our editors following strict performance guidelines and only the best machines make it on our site. We group below the main categories to best enhance your shopping experience and helping you find the right air purifier for you whether you are looking for a product to help you cope with allergies, asthma, or to fight mold or dust in your bedroom.

Home Air Purifier - Here find the best purifiers specifically designed for the home. These units are well designed to take care of most airborne allergens at home from pet dander to mold spores to kitchen smells and more.

Room Air Purifier - If you only need to filter a limited area, feel free to take a look at our room purifiers. Our bedroom is the room where we spend most of our time and this is where dust mites are more concentrated triggering asthma or allergy reactions.

Hepa Air Purifier - The oldest and most proven to work technology, HEPA purifiers where developed by the military to remove fine particles and biological hazards from the air.

Compare Air Purifiers - A comparison among the major devices with their pluses and minuses. This air purifier comparison guide is an important and easy to use tool to quickly compare specifications, efficiency and editors comments.

Air Purifiers review - Our team of product specialists tested and evaluated the best air purifiers available in the market according to different air purifier reviews factors. Once the tests were completed the experts wrote reports and reviews with their findings and opinions. This is a great place to learn more about products performance in real life environment and what to expect from them.

Indoor air pollution and air purifiers learning center:

Several articles and information published by doctors, allergists and leading experts from around the World are collected in our learning center. In this section you will be able to find tips on how to create a healthier home as well suggestions on how to better control your allergies, asthma and indoor air pollution. Several educational articles that explain how to operate or select the correct air purifier are available together with detailed explanations on how these devices actually work with their pro and cons.

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